Bronze Plaques In Paterson, NJ

scan28Not all monuments have to be huge in nature.  The monument should be made ideally to represent the life you wish to commemorate. While tall monuments such as monoliths and obelisks may be accurately chosen for individuals who were very proud. Some may find closure choosing a less Avant garde approach. For those who feel like this idea resonates with them personally a bronze plaque with marker is an excellent choice.

scan38Bronze plaques are placed just above the ground attached to a grave marker. These markers are small bases that act as the foundation for the plaque itself.  The bronze can be cut into any design you wish and eventually inscribed with text, markings, trims, or images that you would like. The main strength of bronze as opposed to other bases is its shimmering beauty. Bronze is a timeless classic and that is partially why it has such a grand stigma attached to it.  If the simple choice seems more attractive to you call Mancini Monuments today so that we can get you started.