Memorials In Paterson, NJ

It’s important when choosing a memorial service to make sure you get the absolute best memorial. Longevity is the number one principle that is associated with the memorial industry. Basically, what this means is; Am I creating the memorial that will best commemorate the life that was meaningful to me? Will this memorial be sturdy enough to stand tall year after year? Is this memorial going to give me a place to reflect positively and incur growth? These are all questions worth asking when choosing to commemorate a memorial in Paterson, NJ.

In order to answer these questions we first have to take them one at a time. In order to create a meaningful memorial you need to take the time to consider the character traits that were most important to you from your loved one. If he or she was determined with an enthusiastic attitude than perhaps an obelisk or monolith is a choice you would like to consider.

Memorials tend to be made from one of two materials. These materials are bronze and granite respectively. Bronze is admired by many for its kingly appearance and reflections of royalty. Granite is well liked because although bronze is durable, it is even stronger. Unfortunately, bronze has a weak spot for oxidation and requires regular maintenance in order to stay healthy.

Whether or not a memorial will give you and your family a place to reflect and incur positive growth is not up for debate at Mancini Monuments. We have been servicing Paterson, NJ for over half a century and have always put our best foot forward. Call us today to answer any questions you have during this difficult time.