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img_0337A monument to your friend or loved one is a sacred place. It is a place where you will continue to visit in order to be closer to the person you cared so much about. Mancini Monuments is well aware of the troubles that come after a tragic loss. Between immediate arrangements for the wake, funeral, and burial there is a lot to take into mind. This time is then piled up on top of the same time needed for your own reflection and support. For over eighty years Mancini Monuments has extended its hand to all those currently overwhelmed in Paterson, NJ. What this means is we can take the load off and help you to make the plans that are most appropriate for you both in honor and in ease.

Planning the construction of a monument is another task that will likely lend to the burden. Which is why our team is prepared to help you figure out everything you need to regarding your monument. This includes what types of materials will it be made from? Where will the monument be placed? Does the cemetery have the space you would like available? How long will the monument take to be produced? What would you like written on the monument? What colors and bases would you like used? Which monument is most honorable to the character of your lost loved one? If you need help with your monument project call Mancini Monuments as soon as possible.